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Accepting New Patients... Because Old Ones Keep Getting Better!

Our office North of Delafield, 0.5 S of Hwy 16At Krieser Chiropractic: Family Wellness Center, we provide Nashotah, Delafield, Hartland, Oconomowoc and the Lakeland area with the best chiropractic and wellness care possible. Dr. Krieser utilizes the Gonstead method which is a system of chiropractic care involving structural(x-ray), thermographic (heat), kinesthetic (motion) and soft tissue analysis. This allows Dr. Krieser to provide the proper adjustment, in the proper way, at the proper time. Gonstead adjustments are biomechanically sound by limiting twisting and rotation which can be harmful to the cartilage discs of the spine. This provides the opportunity for maximum healing and optimal health.

Dr. Ken and his team provide care that is safe, effective and specific to each patient's individual needs ranging from low back pain, headaches, extremity pain, disc problems, sports injuries, colic, bed wetting, asthma, and chronic ear infections. They strive to restore health as efficiently as possible so that you can get back to enjoying life. As a group, they focus on natural methods that are practical and sustainable for the whole family!

Let's be happier and healthier, together!

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W330 N4339 Lakeland Dr
Nashotah, WI 53058

We are located 2.5 miles North of downtown Delafield and 0.5 miles South of Hwy 16 on County Road C.

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Resolutions Solutions Coming 2015!

The New Year is nearly upon us and we are reminded that 2015 is an opportunity to let go of old habits and start fresh. At Krieser Family Wellness Center, we want to help you start 2015 on the right foot toward a happier, healthier year for you and your family. We will be hosting a Resolution Solutions Lecture Series beginning Saturday, January 10th at Krieser Family Wellness Center in Nashotah. We will be covering topics ranging from diet and exercise to teaching the love of your life how to give a good massage. Space is limited, so we ask that you contact us if you plan on attending. Below is a list of talks that we will be hosting with dates and times:

January 17, 9AM: Practical Wellness: Bringing Balance in the New Year with Dr. Ken Krieser, DC

January 24, 9AM: Simply Fitness with Ashley Friedrich, Fitness Coach

January 31, 9AM: Food as Medicine or Poison: The Choice is Yours! with Chef Kim Blair

February 7, 9AM: Detoxing the Holidays with Cherri Schleicher, Functional Nurse Practitioner

February 14, 3PM: Massage School for Couples with Meg Klettke, Massage Therapist

*Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we will be adding information regarding each talk. Click the following link for the registration form

Functional Medicine at Krieser Family Wellness CenterPortrait of Cherri Schleicher, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Cherri Schleicher as our Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and our resident medical expert. Cherri's mission is to help you and your family maintain wellness by addressing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health through the use of modern medicine, alternative and complementary therapies. Her practice is patient-centered utilizing a Functional, Integrated Medical approach with homeopathy, nutrition, exercise and stress management. For more information, visit www.csholisticfamily.com. Cherri will be available on Wednesdays by appointment as she transitions from her Wauwatosa location.

Build a Better You with Fitness Coaching!Portrait of Ashley Friedrich, Certified Fitness Coach

Ashley Friedrich is our Fitness Coach and our trusted resource for all of your fitness needs. She is ACE certified and has a background in exercise science. She provides personalized 1 on 1 and group coaching for weight loss/control, strengthening and flexibility, and athletic training. She is also available to work with Dr. Krieser in utilizing therapeutic exercise for chronic pain reduction and injury rehabilitation. Start the process to build a better you TODAY!

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